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Plus size and maternity production is not just making small sizes bigger. We have a specialized team for grading and patterns that understands all the challenges of plus size and maternity production, that understands the importance of fabric selection.

We are fit for all sizes in following product categories:
•    Woven dresses and blouses
•    Flat knitted items (cardigans, Sweaters and dresses)
•    Circular knitted items (t-shirts and sweatshirts)

Our team can help you with:
•    Standardized & tested materials and yarns for all major product-categories
•    Latest developments in fabrics, accessories, printing techniques and embellishments
•    Trends and fashion directions per season for each category
•    Pattern support for your required shapes
•    Proven fits and silhouettes for plus size and maternity markets
•    Digital sampling (3D) to have a more effective, accurate and sustainable design and production process. You can read more here: Digitalisation

Till recently we have been offering this service only for the US and Australian market. We are now expanding our services to Europe to a limited number of customers.
Some of the brands we are working for:

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